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Rates & Calendar

Why would you rent a Hotel room when you can stay at the "Poop"? Share with friends & family.

All Guest stays are for a minimum of 28 days (nights) as per Monroe County Ordnance, Please see our Calendar below. Booked dates are shown, all else are "Available".

RATES:   All rates are for 28 days, additional days are pro-rated.

FALL : $5400/ 28 days

Summer/ Christmas -  $6200 

Prime Winter (Thru May) - $7600

July/ LOBSTER - $7600/ 28

Cleaning Fees / Security Deposit / State and County taxes will also be applied.

Our Calendar is updated when bookings are confirmed with a signed lease and rental deposit received. You must call to actually book. We will e-mail all info for your approval. No Text.

Daniel: (305) 962-8110

Susan:  (810) 923-9618

Email: [email protected]

Here's the serious side of our rental.

PET POLICY:   We have worked very hard to turn this home into a very clean and pretty space for our guests to enjoy. We do except pets, BUT, with EXTREME VETTING.  Go here for our Pet Policy

PEOPLE: We require all of your guests to be listed on the lease.  We have a maximum of 9 persons staying at the property at any given time. We realize you  may have additional Guests throughout your stay.

The Pelican's Calendar - updated when bookings confirmed last update July 17,2018